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Mobile Surges in Q1 2017 as Advertisers Generate Higher Returns on Facebook [Benchmark Report]

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

In Q1 2017, profit-driven advertisers on Facebook are investing at ever-higher levels while getting even more back in return.

Across a same-advertiser set of large-scale ecommerce companies using Nanigans, return on ad spend (ROAS) grew an average of 31% year-over-year, while ad spending on Facebook increased by a full 16% on average.

As these online retailers continue to increase their overall investments in Facebook as a core growth channel, more and more of that investment is allocated to reaching consumers on mobile devices. Ecommerce marketers pushed 58% more in ad spend to mobile this past quarter compared to Q1 2016.

Ecommerce Mobile Facebook Ad Spend

Meanwhile, Q1 2017 saw Facebook continue to expand off-Facebook advertising through Audience Network, channeling more ad spend to its vast ecosystem of mobile app and web inventory. This expansion has impacted long-term Facebook ad pricing trends — helping mitigate cost increases thanks to increased supply — and it’s created additional opportunities for direct response advertisers to broaden the reach and scope of their campaigns.

Our latest Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report has all these insights and more. It’s full of exclusive benchmark data and analysis, and is a must-read for strategic advertising teams planning to scale on Facebook.

This report highlights:

  • CTR, CPM, and CPC benchmarks by vertical and geography
  • Data on improving returns and higher ad spending in the ecommerce sector
  • Insights on mobile, dynamic ads, Facebook Audience Network, and more

Download the report today for valuable, data-driven insights to inform your Facebook advertising strategy in Q2 and beyond.

Download the Report

Q1 2017 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

  • #1 most downloaded Nanigans report series
  • 26 key performance metrics
  • 6 full pages of expert insights

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