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Inside Facebook Advertising at ClassPass

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

With more than 30 million reservations made at 8,500 fitness studios in 39 cities around the world, ClassPass is on a roll. The company offers a subscription that provides access to a massive network of boutique fitness studios and gyms — and it’s growing faster than ever.

Mary Rykaczewski - ClassPassHow does an innovative company like ClassPass keep the momentum going by attracting new users to its service? A robust Facebook advertising strategy is a key piece of the puzzle.

Mary Rykaczewski, ClassPass’ Paid Social Manager, recently appeared on The Science of Social Media podcast to share how the company’s in-house marketing team approaches Facebook advertising at scale.

The interview offers an inside look at what it takes to drive real business growth with Facebook ads, covering everything from the importance of great ad creative, to the value of automation for running large-scale campaigns.

How does ClassPass use Nanigans to manage and optimize up to 500 ads running simultaneously across all of the cities it serves? And how does the marketing funnel impact ad strategy on Facebook? Be sure to listen to the full podcast below, and read on for a few key takeaways from Mary.

Automation is everything

If you have full-blown campaigns, it really helps to have a third-party tool that can really help automate the different ads. We use Nanigans, and they’ve been really great in terms of working with us and partnering on strategy.

I wouldn’t be able to maintain the amount of manual work that it would require to run all those ads if it weren’t for Nanigans.

Great creative can make all the difference

I think the biggest thing that we’re learning about here at ClassPass is the value of the creative itself. Everyone’s used to seeing ads on Instagram and Facebook at this point.

So what is it that’s going to make someone stop scrolling and really look at your ad? I think that’s really important to note during the creative process, and to make things that are worth stopping for, whether it be video or promo messaging.

Optimize your entire funnel

The way we look at the conversion process at ClassPass is via a funnel. So we consider those at the bottom of the media funnel to be people who have already been to the site, know about ClassPass and are very close to converting. Those are always going to be the best people in terms of your target audience that are going to convert.

But I think it’s also important to really think about the top of the funnel. In order to replenish and refuel your pool of retargeted users, you have to make sure there’s some component of prospecting, such as people you reach through interest targeting or Lookalike Audiences. So make sure you’re still generating that new traffic to your site everyday.

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