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3 Holiday Shopping Trends Retail Advertisers Need to Know

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

It may be July, but it’s already time for marketers to start planning for the holiday shopping season. The holidays provide retailers with a tremendous opportunity to not just drive a record number of sales, but also grow their customer base to drive a year-round increase in profitability.

Facebook IQ got a head start preparing advertisers for the holidays with its release of valuable insights from the 2016 season. This data doesn’t just illustrate how consumers behaved in the past; it also provides marketers with an exclusive preview of how shoppers will likely behave during the 2017 season as well. See a preview of what to expect from shoppers during the holidays, and how you can adjust your ad campaigns to account for these trends.

1. Mobile-first is an important factor

It’s no secret that mobile usage is on the rise. However, mobile is especially popular when it comes to holiday shopping. According to Facebook, mobile-first shoppers (people who expect to complete a majority of their holiday purchases on a mobile device) were increasing last year, and is expected to grow further during the 2017 holiday season.

of total Facebook conversions were on mobile during 2016 holiday season

year-over-year growth of mobile-first shoppers from 2015 to 2016 holiday season


Advertising Pro Tip: Advertisers can’t afford to leave mobile as an afterthought. When planning your holiday campaigns, make sure to account for smartphones and tablets.

Mobile devices also mean smaller screens, so make sure you craft ad creative that will resonate with mobile users. Running a creative test ahead of time can help you determine which image and copy combinations are popular with audiences on smartphones and tablets. That way you can give the bulk of your ad budgets to creative that you know will be more likely to drive purchases.

Also try using ad types that are specifically designed with mobile users in mind. Explore Facebook’s Canvas Ads, which provide an immersive ad-viewing experience for mobile audiences.

2. Holiday shoppers are busy and on the go

To say that the holiday season is a busy time is an understatement. Many shoppers are busy trying to find and buy the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Because of this, Facebook says many are browsing and researching while on-the-go, especially during popular commuting hours.

Holiday Mobile conversions - facebook IQ holiday report

Advertising Pro Tip: To successfully reach holiday shoppers, advertisers can’t afford to beat around the bush. Now is not the time to run vague branding campaigns. Instead, target shoppers with ads that get right to the point by showcasing products and offering direct response elements, such as call-to-action (CTA) buttons that allow viewers to go straight to your website to make a purchase.

Sometimes users will get interrupted while browsing your site and fail to buy items they may have added to their digital shopping cart. That means retargeting is more important than ever during the holidays. Dynamic Ads are the perfect retargeting solution for the holidays, as they remind users of the exact items they were looking at on your site while inviting them to return and purchase.

3. The chance for revenue continues after the holidays

Retailers still have a tremendous opportunity to grow revenue even after all the presents have been unwrapped. In fact, data from the National Retail Federation says that many customers will continue to shop well into January.

of shoppers plan to keep shopping after Christmas


Advertising Pro Tip: Retargeting provides advertisers with the capability to continually reach Facebook and Instagram users who showed interest in your brand during the holidays. Custom Audiences allow you to serve ads to shoppers who recently purchased from your website. Be sure to serve them ads featuring products they may be interested in for themselves, instead of items they may have been purchasing for themselves. For example, a parent may have bought children’s clothing as a gift during the holidays. However, that doesn’t mean that they want to buy those items year-round. Instead, retailers can serve ads to them featuring clothing in their own size so they can make a purchase for themselves.

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