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How Playdemic and Nanigans Teamed Up for a Smash Hit Global Game Launch on Facebook

Written by: Kier Marston, Strategic Client Director

PlaydemicTo win in the highly competitive mobile game industry, Playdemic knows that developing top-notch titles that players love often just isn’t enough.

The most successful game makers pair innovative titles with a sophisticated approach to user acquisition and monetization—with Facebook advertising at the core.

Playdemic, one of Europe’s leading mobile game companies, has used Nanigans advertising automation for years. Prior to launching the hit game Golf Clash, they experimented with competing solutions on the market. What did they discover? No other platform could deliver the scale and performance of Nanigans.

Having worked closely with Nanigans for several years and after regularly reviewing competitors, we remain convinced that their software is the best available in the market

James Woodmansey, Head of User Acquisition, Playdemic

Playdemic recognized that partnering with Nanigans was their strategic advantage in making Golf Clash a runaway success. The decision paid off with dramatic growth at scale.


growth in Facebook ad spend with Nanigans


daily ad spend while meeting ROI goals

Top 20

grossing app in the US and UK

Golf Clash’s success came in large part thanks to a unified solution bringing together industry-leading technology and expertise to power meaningful business growth for Playdemic.

Revenue-based ad optimization

To Playdemic, success for Golf Clash meant attracting high-value users on a global scale, and optimizing campaigns to reach future players most likely to make in-game purchases.

The team used App Event Optimization on Facebook to intelligently allocate ad spend based on the probability of people taking specific revenue-generating actions in Golf Clash. The added control afforded by Nanigans enabled Playdemic to set granular bids to more effectively reach highly segmented audiences.

App Event Optimization through Nanigans unlocked entirely new levels of scale—maintaining strong performance while using increasingly broad targeting, like lookalike audiences over 10% and worldwide targeting.

The speed and flexibility of ad creation and reporting, coupled with regular innovative product releases and accessible and engaged account management, has been instrumental in our ability to scale Facebook ad spend 10X.

James Woodmansey, Head of User Acquisition, Playdemic

Customizable reporting and analytics

Golf Clash iPhoneAs Playdemic scaled high-ROI user acquisition on Facebook, the team needed a way to accurately report on unique performance metrics that were most important to their business. Nanigans’ industry-leading reporting tools allowed Playdemic to create custom metrics to track 3-day and 7-day yield (revenue / ad spend) at both a campaign and ad level. With this granular insight, Playdemic could then more efficiently optimize their bidding strategy to drive higher long-term returns.

Deep strategic partnerships

Critical to Golf Clash’s explosive success was a close partnership between Nanigans and Playdemic’s in-house marketing team. Nanigans’ Customer Success team helped ensure Playdemic was maximizing performance and scale every step of the way.

The teams collaborated on strategic direction and Nanigans provided expert training and support on features like ad rebuilding to quickly iterate on the most successful campaign tactics.

Together, Playdemic and Nanigans made Golf Clash a record-breaking success.

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