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Facebook Ad Creative Strategies from Target, Adidas, Lowe’s and More

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

It’s always interesting to compare how rivals in any industry—sportswear, telecom, home goods—engage with existing customers and acquire new ones through advertising. Is Walmart’s Facebook advertising playbook all that different from, say, Target’s? What ad formats and creative tactics give a brand an edge?

We recently combed through the Facebook feeds of household-name retailers and analyzed their direct response advertising strategies. While Walmart and Target’s Facebook ads may appear similar on the surface (carousels, product imagery), there are nuances that define them.

Here are notable Facebook ad creative best practices employed by ecommerce brands:

  • Use a healthy dose of video ads to bring a product and message to life
  • Carousels give a brand more space to tell a story in pictures and video
  • Humorous ads make a brand more personal and relatable
  • Always make the benefits of a product explicit, with a crystal-clear CTA (call-to-action)
  • Package ads around a theme, event or season (back-to-school, The World Cup, holidays)
  • Emphasize product deals and discounts
  • If you have a famous spokesperson, put his or her face, personality and star power front-and-center

These eight interactive ad carousels include assessments of each brands’ Facebook ad creative and what goals they’re trying to achieve.

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