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Facebook Snapshot: Q4 Ad Spend Predictions for Ecommerce Dynamic Ads [Report]

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

For our latest research report, we looked back at three years of ad spend data for our ecommerce customers in the US, Europe and APAC. The goal was to discover patterns that would help predict ad spend trends for the holiday season. One clear pattern emerged: a steady rise in spend on dynamic ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Dynamic ads are any ads that pull from an advertiser’s product feed and change automatically based on information about a user. By combining data from a Facebook pixel placed on advertisers’ websites and various targeting strategies, advertisers can run efficient prospecting and retargeting campaigns using dynamic creative.

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For Nanigans ecommerce customers, budgets dedicated to dynamic ads have been rising consistently for at least three years, with spikes during the holiday seasons (November and December).

Spend on dynamic ads during November 2017 increased 75% compared to November 2016. In November 2018, dynamic budgets jumped by 77% compared to 2017.

For these Facebook ad spend insights and more, fill out the form below to download the complete “Facebook Snapshot Report: Q4 Ad Spend Predictions for Ecommerce Dynamic Ads” report.

You’ll get exclusive analysis of Facebook and Instagram ad spend trends based on Nanigans’ customers around the globe. We compare key KPIs for dynamic vs. non-dynamic ads on Facebook and Instagram. And finally, we offer tips for improving your dynamic ad strategy for the holiday season.

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