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Performance Advertising News Roundup: DTCs Partner Up, Amazon Ad Threat Looms

Written by: Shane O'Neill, Director of Content

This week in performance advertising news, we’re highlighting key stories from Modern Retail, eMarketer, Marketing Land and Marketing Dive.

Read on for more details.

To Acquire Customers More Cheaply, DTC Brands are Partnering Up

As they grow up, direct-to-consumer startups are starting to work together for more exclusive product drops, giveaways and events — all in the name of cheaper customer acquisition.
-Read the full story at Modern Retail

Consumer Trust Relies Heavily on Reviews and Brand Honesty

New research from Trustpilot found that consumers would lose trust in a brand not only if they saw negative reviews—but also if the brand went one step further and deleted them.
-Read the full story at eMarketer

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Want to Understand a Brand’s Vision for Future Growth? Look to the CMO Role

As companies leave CMO positions unfilled, an evolution of how brands do business with consumers is underway. How brands respond gives insights into their long-term growth.
-Read the full story at Marketing Land

Forrester: How Amazon’s Ad Growth will Threaten Google, Facebook, Agencies and Ad-tech

Amazon’s growth into a digital advertising giant will threaten Google and Facebook, transforming their current “duopoly” status into a “triopoly,” according to Forrester Research.
-Read the full story at Marketing Dive

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