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How Do I Find My Browser Cookie / Mobile Advertising ID?

If you’re an individual in the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) gives you the right to be informed by a data controller as to what personal data has been collected about you. As a data controller that works with advertisers that market to individuals like yourself, it’s possible that Nanigans could have collected some of this information, linked to your web-based browser cookies or mobile advertising IDs. If is unable to automatically detect your mobile advertising ID, or if you’re not accessing our opt-out form or request-for-information form from that device, below are some tips on how you can find that information.

Web Browsers – Finding Nanigans cookies

Our web forms automatically look up your Nanigans cookie ID on the web browser you use to access them. However, it is also possible to manually look up the cookie ID in your web browser’s cookie management interface. This could be useful if your browser configuration limits cookie tracking, in which case the web form might not be able to find a cookie ID stored in the domain of one of our advertisers. Each web browser has a different interface for managing your cookies, and the menus for navigating to them change from version to version, so we recommend using a search engine to search for “view cookies on .” In the cookie management interface, look for cookies named NaN_hash. The values stored in those cookies are your cookie IDs.

Android Devices – Finding your Android Advertising Identifier and Android ID

Your Android Advertising Identifier is listed within the Settings app. Open the app and click “Google” to access your Google Settings, followed by the “Ads” sub-section. Navigate to the bottom of the screen to find your Android Advertising Identifier.

Your Android ID is also listed in a section of the settings app. Once in the app, tap “About Phone” within the app, and then “Status” to find your Android ID. If your version of Android doesn’t list your Android ID in this location, another option may be to open the GTalk Service Monitor which is accessible by entering *#*#8255#*#* on the dial screen of the phone app.

If all of these methods are unsuccessful, there are multiple third-party apps within the Google Play Store that will assist you in finding your ID numbers. Note: Nanigans does not own nor advocate for any third party app. Please use discretion in downloading these applications to your device.

Apple Devices – Finding your Apple ID for Advertising

There is no way to locate your Apple IDFA using the native operating system. However, there are several third-party apps in the App Store that will allow you do easily find you IDFA, and copy it to your clipboard. Note: Nanigans does not own nor advocate for any third party app. Please use discretion in downloading these applications to your device.