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How MVF Scaled Growth 6X with Data-Driven Facebook Advertising

MVFMVF is a leading UK-based technology company specialising in B2B and B2C customer-generation across sectors including financial services, education, and healthcare. Since 2014, MVF has leveraged Nanigans advertising automation software to generate high-quality leads for its clients in more than 120 countries, helping continually scale its Facebook campaigns with lower lead costs and higher ROAS.

Converting high-value customers with predictive revenue optimization

The advertising team at MVF is highly analytical and employs Nanigans tracking pixels to measure downstream data on revenue-generating events to understand true customer value on a granular level.

To build on predictive revenue optimization and value forecasting, MVF leverages Nanigans stop loss optimization, which proactively pauses ads that deliver performance below the desired goal. This additional layer of machine learning reduces inefficient ad spend and enables MVF to reallocate budget to ads with greater potential for scale.

“The integration of our revenue into Nanigans’ best-in-class data visualisation enabled the MVF Paid Social team to swiftly analyse the most relevant performance drivers. This allowed the team to focus more of their time on high-value targeting optimisation and creative innovation. Along with their valued customer support and workflow automation, Nanigans’ tools have been a key factor behind Facebook’s growth in MVF’s media mix over the past four years.”

PIETER VERSTUYF, Head of Paid Social & Emerging Paid Media, MVF

Unlocking continuous growth with advanced workflow automation

Central to MVF’s success on Facebook is their commitment to testing and rapid iteration, which enables them to continue driving high-quality leads at greater scale. Using Nanigans, MVF can build thousands of ad and audience combinations in minutes, and quickly isolate those delivering the strongest return on ad spend.

Nanigans’ integrated reporting and ad building architecture helps MVF take immediate action to iterate on and launch ads when they uncover new opportunities to improve performance.

Advancing strategic success through strategic partnership

The MVF team deeply values the complete independant control Nanigans software offers them, but they also credit a close partnership with their Nanigans Customer Success team as a critical element in their success.

The streamlined e-learning certification via Nanigans University and one-to-one training programme continue to be instrumental in maintaining high standards of channel knowledge and expertise in an ever-expanding team.

Real Results


improvement in cost per acquisition with ads for professional education


increase in CTR with ads for financial services solutions


improvement in cost-per-lead with ads for B2C service products


growth in Facebook ad spend over three years with Nanigans



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