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How Womanstalk Scaled Facebook Ads 16X with Record-Setting ROAS

As a fast-growing fashion and beauty destination in Korea, Womanstalk is always looking to increase the reach and performance of its video-driven ecommerce efforts.

The company realized that there was a tremendous opportunity to better reach shoppers on Facebook, so they partnered with Nanigans to drive sales on a whole new scale.

Driving New Sales Through Personalization with Dynamic Ads

One of the first steps the in-house team at Womanstalk took in partnership with Nanigans was implementing a robust dynamic ad strategy based on shopper behavior like product views and add-to-carts. The retailer has a large range of fashion and beauty products in its catalog, so the “set it and forget it” nature of dynamic ads offered a scalable solution for personalized promotions. The dynamic ad strategy quickly paid off in sales. By targeting the highest-value customers, Womanstalk generated 936% return on ad spend (ROAS).

Capitalizing on Untapped Opportunities for Scale

In addition to improving performance, Womanstalk sought to significantly scale their Facebook advertising. Doing so cost-effectively, however, was critical. Their team had previously struggled to take advantage of daily fluctuations in marketplace conditions and shopper behavior because they couldn’t control the pacing of their ad spend. Nanigans’ granular budgeting and pacing controls eliminated this challenge and helped Womanstalk capitalize on every golden opportunity to drive sales. The result? A significant 16X increase in ad spend, with strong overall ROAS of 405%.


ROAS with dynamic ads


growth in ad spend


overall ROAS on Facebook


Improving Workflow Efficiency through Automation

As Womanstalk leveled up the sophistication of their Facebook advertising, workflow automation was a key factor in preserving efficiency. The team leveraged Nanigans’ integrated reporting and ad building—built for high-volume campaigns—to automate many of the manual daily tasks they previously had to juggle.

With the time needed for ad creation now decreased by 3X on a monthly basis, Womanstalk can focus more on strategic efforts to grow and engage their customers.

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