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Playkot Grows Game Revenue on Facebook with Nanigans Predictive Optimization

Playkot Tropic Storm Case Study
“Playkot After seven years and more than 10 million active players, Playkot has achieved worldwide success as one of Russia’s leading game developers. Games like SuperCity and Warzone are undeniable hits, but there’s still enormous opportunity for continued growth.

Playkot’s in-house digital advertising team plays a critical role in taking the company to the next level, driving more revenue at an ever-increasing scale. What’s the strategy behind their success?

Increasing revenue at scale

Playkot partnered with Nanigans because they saw massive potential to optimize ROI for their newest game title, Tropic Storm, using Facebook’s app install ads. With the goal of dramatically scaling revenue-generating advertising performance, Playkot’s in-house advertising team leveraged the full-stack capabilities of Nanigans advertising automation software, from predictive revenue optimization to customizable real-time reporting.

Eliminating risk of inefficient ads

By activating Stop Loss protection using Nanigans, Playkot ensured that any ad that wasn’t delivering optimal ROI would be automatically paused, preventing damage to bottom-line performance.

Measuring revenue to bid more intelligently

Playkot reached more high-value players through Nanigans’ machine learning algorithms, which optimize bids and budgets based on real-time data on downstream actions, like purchases, from within the game.

Saving time and reducing wasted ad spend

Using advanced workflow automation for creating, testing, and deploying ads and audiences, Playkot quickly isolated their best ads and scaled spend accordingly without sacrificing performance.

Increasing efficiency with custom reporting

Playkot used custom views in Nanigans’ reporting interface to track real-time performance of their campaigns. When there was an opportunity to increase ROI, they took direct and immediate action.

All these strategies combined led Playkot to discover that males over the age of 30 were their ideal demographic for monetization on Facebook. Armed with this insight, Playkot quickly scaled campaigns, starting in France and Australia, and quickly expanding to 24 countries—all while optimizing toward ambitious ROI goals. Another key strategy was partnering closely with their in-market, Russian speaking Nanigans Customer Success team for strategic consultation throughout the entire process. Nanigans works with the largest advertisers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and around the world, and has deep experience enabling advertisers like Playkot to drive performance at scale

“Playkot: Tropic Storm

Achieving real results

Playkot achieved an overall outcome of not only higher ROI, but also much greater scale. Shortly after launching revenue-optimized Facebook ad campaigns using Nanigans software, Playkot grew daily ad spend 60% while surpassing their ROI goals by an impressive 20%. Performance was especially strong among male audiences ages 30+ in Playkot’s key markets of the US, UK, France, and Germany. By activating Nanigans’ automated bidding algorithms, Playkot intelligently increased bids to acquire the users most likely to make in-game purchases. This move resulted in 59% higher average revenue per user compared to performance from manual bidding.


increase in daily Facebook spend


higher ROI than the initial goal


higher average revenue per user

Using Nanigans also enabled Playkot to improve workflow efficiency by reducing the need to monitor a siloed internal forecasting tool, uniting all their performance marketing data in a single end-to-end platform. With improved performance, more efficent workflows, and a more strategic approach to profit-driven Facebook advertising, Playkot’s in-house team is well prepared to build on their success and expand efforts across digital ad channels with Nanigans.

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Playkot Grows Game Revenue on Facebook with Nanigans Predictive Optimization

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