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Our approach to retargeting is a total rejection of the backward industry standard. We think your bottom line is going to love it.

We know retargeting

We rewrote the book on retargeting, optimizing spend for incremental growth when other  “solutions” claimed credit for organic results. That’s the innovation you get from our team.

We help solve real retargeting challenges:

  • How do I measure and optimize for incrementality?
  • How should I use in-app conversions for smarter reengagement?
  • How can I optimize ad creative in my product feed?

Retarget on your terms

Other platforms rob you of control. Your customer experience, internal workflows, and campaign performance suffer as a result.

Nanigans gives you full control of creative, audience segmentation, and holdout testing when you want it—and intelligently automates everything when you don’t.

Transparency by design

See exactly which publisher is bringing back the most lapsed mobile users. Learn which product SKUs are primed for upselling and cross-selling.

Nanigans reporting is obsessively transparent and infinitely customizable. It’s your data, so filter, pivot, and act on it to grow your retargeting ROI the smart way.

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Don’t leave revenue on the table from bad retargeting. See what you’ve been missing.

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