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Incremental revenue

Why Retargeting Providers Don’t Help You Deliver Net New Revenue

Here are two gripes that unify all marketers: First, there’s limited time to accomplish the tasks at hand, and second, as marketing efforts advance the list of tasks gets longer every year. Lack of time and an expanding workload have given rise to specialized services that help make a marketer’s life easier by removing the burden of being responsible for every function in the marketing funnel. For example, creative agencies take on graphic design and video production, eliminating the need […]

Incremental return

How Retargeting Delivers Incremental Revenue [Video]

CTR, CPA, ROAS. These are industry acronyms and metrics that everyone knows. But while they’re all fairly easy to report on, a lingering question persists: Do they truly reflect the effectiveness of your advertising? That’s the elephant in the room for digital advertisers. And the ugly truth is that by putting too much faith in these proxy metrics, the industry has been optimizing performance the wrong way. Related post: Dynamic Creative: What You Need to Know for Better Retargeting [Report] […]

Dynamic creative

Dynamic Creative: What You Need to Know for Better Retargeting [Report]

Dynamic creative — aka “personalized ads” — is any creative that changes automatically based on information about a user, whether it’s related to his or her location or specific behavior such as recent product views or purchase history. These days, digital advertising is such a competitive space that a message must be personal to catch a consumer’s eye. By that measure, dynamic ads have become essential for advertisers to do retargeting in the most personalized and relevant way. Related post: […]

Real time bidding

Real-Time Bidding: What Happens in 200 Milliseconds? [Infographic]

We frequently hear the phrase “in the blink of an eye” to describe something extremely fast. How fast? An eye blink takes 300 milliseconds, or one-third of a second. The real-time bidding (RTB) ad buying process happens even faster than a blink of an eye. It all takes place in an astonishing 200 milliseconds. Makes an eye-blink seem like a slacker. Advertisers using RTB to buy online ad impressions as part of retargeting campaigns rely on an amazing amount of […]

incrementality over attribution

Why Battle Over Advertising Attribution When Incrementality Can Win the War?

If you advertise shoes on Facebook and 100 people buy them while the ad is running, is your advertising working? The answer, of course, depends. It depends on how much you spent on advertising versus the revenue generated from those purchases. It depends on factors like other ads on other channels, email marketing, or word of mouth that may have influenced shoppers’ decisions. And most importantly, it also depends on how many sales would have occurred if you didn’t advertise […]